Agilite Gen4 Helmet Cover


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The Mohawk Air is an Ops Core FAST BUMP (Base Jump) helmet cover that was designed and crafted in a combat zone. It was made for operators who were sick and tired of using duct tape to manage their helmet-borne gear and accessories.

The Mohawk Air provides the Ops Core Bump helmet with camouflage, accessory management and protects the properties of the helmet by preventing the paint from chipping off and eating away at the protective surface.
The top of the cover features a bungee and velcro retention system for your IR strobes and cameras. This system keeps your valuable gear safe and secure, so that you can focus on your mission and not have to worry about losing your gear.
The cover also features cable management channels, ideal for keeping your NVG cables nice and organized and prevent them from flopping about.
The rear of the helmet features a hook and loop area, perfect for IR Flags or ID Patches and has the ability to fit battery packs, counter weights and pouches.

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Key features

High resistance
Quick dry
TSA approved

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