Buddy strap Injured Person Carrier


• One Size Fits All

• Includes Plate Carry Attachment kit to connect to plate carriers
• Fits in any backpack
• Dimensions(Packed): 3.9″x10″x3.5″

• 500D CORDURA® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon
• Mil Spec buckles and webbing
• Dimensions(Packed): 3.9″x10″x3.5″
• Weight: 588 grams

Ideal for:
• Hikers and search and rescue volunteers
• Parents
• Carrying people with mobility issues
• Military, Law enforcement and vigilant civilians

• Essential component for any, hiking pack, bug out bag, gear loadout
• Includes free plate carrier hanger attachment kit and 2 MOLLE attachment buckles
• Allows you to carry an injured person, hands free and more comfortably
• Tried, tested and used by Special Forces worldwide
• Compact, lightweight but can save lives

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• The BuddyStrap™ is a life saving emergency device that allows you to carry an injured person on your own, easily and hands free.

• It was originally designed for tier 1 special forces units who go deep behind enemy lines in small teams and can not carry bulky rescue equipment.

• Although the requirement came from the Military, the BuddyStrap™ has numerous civilian applications. • It is the only efficient way to carry an injured hiker, a person with mobility issues or a large child on your own.

• No responsible person should be going into the outdoors without a plan to be able to carry an injured friend or family member to safety without assistance. It is an essential component in any gear loadout, hiking pack or bug out bag.

• Traditional medevac gear takes at least 2-4 rifles out of the fight. The fireman’s carry takes one rifle out of the fight, but the BuddyStrap™ takes zero rifles out of the fight.

• Nowadays, most people carry a medkit for initial treatment, but those who carry a BuddyStrap™ also have the ability to get their buddy home.

Key features

High resistance

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