Dedicated to the buyers of National Defense, the police, public security and the government.

Fair D Canada


Fair D Canada is a company whose goal is to distribute material to institutions that make large quantity purchases. By providing access to over 300 brands and 20 000 products, we cover a wide range of equipment that specializes in key areas, such as tactical equipment, sports and outdoor equipment, as well as work clothes and accessories. A process of effective procurement of defense supplies is essential to the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as to the law enforcement and public security forces.

The Option for Your Purchases

Fair D  Canada  acts as a distributor of security equipment, tactical equipment and sporting and outdoor equipment, as well as a distributor of professional equipment and materials for the military and for law enforcement.

The role of our company is to help equip active personnel with reliable and adapted materials. Highly resistant footwear, vests and pants, reinforced and light-weight textile equipment, high-end tactical accessories (protective eyewear, intervention gloves) and travel bags are the main types of products purchased by our customers, along with work clothes and accessories for different institutions and companies.

The mission of Fair D Canada  is to sell specialized equipment in large quantities at competitive prices. Its objective is to answer to buyers within a  of the customer’s needs, in addition to fast delivery and rigorous follow-up.

Fair D Canada  bases itself on three fundamental values. Its main value remains the respect of its customers. Its two other major values are distributing major Canadian brands that meet the standards of their sectors Fair D Inc. is committed to gaining trust from both its customers and its suppliers in their high-volume transactions. This will facilitate access to the institutional market using a turnkey formula with close monitoring and transaction support. Fair D Canada is committed to promoting the Canadian market.


  Alberta – British Columbia – Prince Edward Island – Manitoba – New Brunswick – Nova Scotia – Ontario – Quebec – Saskatchewan – Newfoundland and Labrador – Nunavut – Northwest Territories – Yukon


The Advantages for the Buyer


A personalized dashboard to track and manage your documents for simplified procurement. Fully secure and confidential with the most powerful encryption on the market: SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.


Saving Time and Money

We know that opening accounts and managing them requires a large amount
of resources and energy. We offer a service that englobes a large quantity of
quality suppliers who have proven themselves.



You are responsible for purchasing technical products or simply procuring products in large quantities. You are searching for the best price! But not at the expense of quality. Distribution Fair D Inc. will quickly provide you with an irresistible offer that will include a price, delivery times and the terms required. Everything will be managed with transparency on a platform put at your disposal.


Our main clientele is made up of buyers for public institutions. Distribution Fair D Inc. is committed to processing all its files with absolute confidentiality.


We do business with the biggest manufacturers of technical products. We do not sell to retailers online or in stores.


A response within a maximum of 48 hours, along with quick confirmation and consignment follow-up.



You have a large order and you are short on time. You think we do not have the product. Let us know!!

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